George and Darlene Conboy have been living and working on the Conboy Family Farm for over 45 years.  The main part of the farm where the current sugar camp resides has been in the Conboy family for over 145 years.   

Our sugar bushes are spread over three parcels of land each containing between 1500 - 2000 taps all on a pipeline and vacuum system.  In the fall of 2016, we upgraded our reverse osmosis to decrease our boiling time and the amount of wood we burn.  Boiling and finishing of the sap is done on a high efficiency forced air wood burning arch with stainless steel pans.

Below you will find a collection of short paragraphs about the commencement of past seasons.

Historical Season Info


Mar 27

We finished tapping in early March, and made our first syrup the second week of March.


Apr 15

We had a good season this year, but production was down from the previous year as a result of really warm weather in late March. We started tapping Feb 24th and made our first syrup on Mar 6. The season ended on Apr 7.


Apr 13

We started tapping Feb 20 and boiled our first syrup on Mar 11. The season ended on Apr 7 with our last syrup made on that day. Overall, it was a really good season.


Apr 18

We had a good season this year. It started later than the previous years. We tapped in late February, and made our first syrup around the 20th of March. Our last boil was April 18.


Mar 17

We've had a good start to the season making syrup again in February; however, most days in March so far have been too cold for the sap to run.

Feb 3

We completed a lot of work in the sugar camp this off season including new stainless steel storage tanks and some reconfiguring of the sap storage area.  We've installed white vinyl panelling on some of the walls to brighten things up a little.  Now, we're just waiting for the weather to warm up!


Feb 20

The sap season began early - we started tapping Feb 19 and made syrup by Feb 22. Most of March was too cool but first 2 weeks of April were exceptional. We finished boiling April 12


March 16

After a shorter milder winter, the 2016 season has arrived. We started tapping in late February and finished on Mar 5. The sap started to run shortly after and we made syrup last week. With the mild overnight temperatures, the sap ran continuously for the first few days and it was one of the busiest weeks we've ever had.


March 21

Once again the syrup season is off to a later start. There was a lot of snow in the bush this year which made tapping very challenging. We have made a little syrup and hope that the coming week will bring more seasonable weather. This year we are participating in the Maple Weekend. You can also read about it in the Frontenac News.


April 3

The 2014 season has finally arrived. It began much later than in past years; in fact almost a month later. It started slowly due to the conitnuing cold, but this past week the weather has improved and we hope it continues for the next few weeks! There continues to be a lot of snow in the bush, and plenty of ice on the lakes which hopefully means another good season ahead. Prices have remained the same as last year.


March 2

The 2013 season has arrived with a few days of warm weather to start the sap flowing. We boiled on Thursday and Saturday and made some extra-light syrup that has a great early season flavour. The weather looks like it is going to cool down for a few days, but hopefully the forecast for warmer weather mid next week will materialize. We haven't completely finished tapping yet, so the cooler weather is welcomed to allow us to finish getting ready for the season. .


February 28

We have fresh syrup! We boiled Feb.24. The earliest on record. It is very light in colour and very mild flavor. Since then the weather has turned colder and we don't expect more sap for a few days. This year we installed a new high efficiency woodfired evaporater and upgraded a large portion of our pipeline system. Looking forward to a good season.

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